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My name is Anshul Gautam.


  • I grew up in Patna, capital of Bihar state in India. I have been working as a Software Engineer since 2014, after completing my B-Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (class of 2010-2014).

  • As a Software Engineer I have extensively worked on architecting and developing cloud-agnostic scalable distributed enterprise applications in Media and Finance business domains.

Tech Stack

  • I have expertise in Java, Spring Boot, Reactive Programming using Project Reactor and Microservices architectured applications.

  • During my journey in IT Industry, I have worked on relational database systems like MS-SQL Server and non-relational database systems like Cassandara and Couchbase.

  • I have hands on experience with Docker and AWS cloud platform.

  • I use Windows 11 with WSL2 on my personal development machine. I am a GNOME enthusiast though.

Currently I am focussing on building fault tolerant data ingestion frameworks in Finance business domain using Java, Apache Kafka and Big Data Technologies from Hadoop Ecosystem.

Professional Experience

November 2021 to Present Date:Impetus Technologies Inc.
February 2018 to November 2021:Cognizant
September 2014 to February 2018:TATA Consultancy Services


  • On the internet I am active as a Blogger. Over the time I have written several blogs on various popular platforms. I mostly blog about Software Development, write Short Stories and Verselets. Most of the blog posts on this website are related to tools, techniques and use cases from the field of Software Development and Engineering. For my blog posts on creative writing, please check out Bumbler.

  • I am an avid gamer too. I love playing campaign PC and PlayStation games.

I would love to hear back from you in form of your comments on my posts, and through your e-mails. You can e-mail me from the “Contact” link on the nav bar. You can always reach out to me at my social coordinates below:

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