Circuit Breaker Pattern using Resilience4j Decorators

Learn about Resilience4j with simpler examples for retry and circuit breaker design pattern

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Circuit Breaker Pattern using Resilience4j Annotations

🎯 What is Circuit Breaker Pattern? Circuit Breaker Pattern in Software Development is a design pattern which is analogous to MCB(Miniature Circuit Breaker) switches in electricity wiring at our home. When there is flow of excessive current, the MCB switch trips and disconnects the circuit preventing electrical faults and electrical equipment failure. The Circuit Breaker Pattern says that there is a proxy present in your application via which call to the other entity is being made....

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Debugging Java Streams with IntelliJ Plugin

With Java 8 Streams, we are now able to process elements in streams in functional style; in declarative way. This has made processing elements easier and with an option to do these processing operations parallelly. One of the problem people face with large stream pipeline is that when these pipelines need to be debugged. Suppose there are 10 intermediate operations being performed on a stream pipeline. And the output from the net stream is not coming as expected....

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Async Method Calls using CompletableFuture in Spring Boot

In my previous post, I discussed on CompletableFuture provided by Java concurrency API in JDK 8 onwards. In this article, I want to discuss on using CompletableFuture in a Spring Boot application. 🎯 ThreadPoolTaskExecutor in Spring Boot Spring offers ThreadPoolTaskExecutor as a Java bean which is an abstraction of ThreadPoolExecutor of Java concurrency API. It has key configuration values which you can configure for your application. corePoolSize: It is the minimum number of workers which Spring will keep alive without getting timed out....

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Reactive Programming using CompletableFuture in Java

Java 8 introduced CompletableFuture as part of it’s concurrency API. This is very helpful when we want to nest operations around asynchronous computations, using the native Java API only. Prior to introducing CompletableFuture, we had Future which provided asynchronous callbacks. But there were few problems associated with Future. CompletableFuture addresses them well. Let’s start with understanding what were the issues with Future, that paved the way for CompletableFuture. 🎯 Drawbacks with Future We cannot manually complete the Future object Lack of proper Exception Handling options available We cannot chain multiple Future objects together In the below example, I am creating a simple Future, and trying to get the result from it....

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